Me Love Cookie Jar Milkshaaake!

I love cookies, and I love milkshakes, but seldom have I come across a cookie milkshake that’s particularly extraordinary. Most cookie milkshakes I’ve tried are run-of-the-mill oreo milkshakes. But just recently, I discovered a cookie milkshake that had me singing praises at my first sip.

The Lost Bread menu

Casey, Wolf, and I were just wandering around Megamall looking for dessert when we stumbled upon an interesting place — The Lost Bread. We ordered French Toast Cubes and were not that impressed, but I fell in love with their Cookie Jar Milkshake! It struck the perfect balance between cookies and a milkshake, with both desserts taking center stage. It was rich and creamy but not overwhelming, and the cinnamon was a stroke of genius. The cookies that adorned the mug were not the chewy kind, but their crunch complemented the smoothness of the shake quite nicely. The cookie dough that surrounded the mug was a welcome bonus for cookie lovers!

The Lost Bread menu

I got the baby size, because it was my first time to try it. Had I known it would be that awesome, I would have gone all out full size, calories be damned! Haha. I wasted no time taking a decent picture, and so all I have is this badly angled shot that is a far cry from the impressiveness of the real thing!

The Lost Bread Cookie Jar Milkshake

Of course, Wolf really liked it as well, being a cookie monster like his mom. Even Casey, who is not that into sweets, said it was good, and sipped from my shake more often than I would have liked. Haha. Next time, I’m not sharing! Coookiiiie! Milkshaaake! Om nom nom nom nom!

Cookie Monster meme


Our Breakfast Date at Refinery

Now that I have a baby, one thing that I miss sorely is mobility. I used to be able to do whatever I want and go wherever I pleased. Spontaneous road trips were something that Casey and I used to do a lot as a couple, but now, I need to consider whether places are baby-friendly, and activities need to be spaced out so that Wolf doesn’t get exhausted.

I used to go to great lengths to come up with surprises for Casey during all the special occasions. I remember that even when I was six months pregnant, I charged through a heavy downpour to buy him a gift for his birthday.

However, for his birthday this year, which was last August 26, I could no longer prepare extensively, because with Wolf, I had less time to sneak around. I had to go back to the basics, scale down, and think simple. What would Casey enjoy that would be easy to plan? The answer was glaringly obvious–breakfast! We both adore breakfast food. So I searched online for nearby restaurants that serve great breakfast fare. Thanks to the Zomato app, I stumbled upon Refinery. As soon as I saw their menu, I placed a reservation without a second thought. Bacon? Pancakes? Coffee? Check!

We went to the branch in Promenade, Greenhills. We ordered Pancakes and Bacon, Angry Pasta (sausage, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes), and Bacon French Toast. Yes, all dishes had bacon. Bacon is life. Haha.

The pancakes took long to come out, because they had run out of batter. The waiter said that their stocks are low because demand is not that high for pancakes. This was a red flag, but we ordered pancakes anyway because they are a favorite of the birthday boy. As predicted, the pancakes were nothing to write home about. The waiter also informed us that they had run out of portobello mushrooms for the pasta, and so we opted to add more bacon instead. And since Casey doesn’t eat mushrooms, he had no complaints. The pasta was pretty good, al dente and tasty with just the right amount of spice. It was a tad too rich, but most likely that was due to the absence of mushrooms. But the star of our brunch was the Bacon French Toast. Served as a sandwich, it was the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Highly recommended!

We also enjoyed our drinks, a cappuccino for him and a matcha latte for myself. And of course, Wolf was happy with his bacon milk!


Peso Damage: P650 / head

Value for Peso: 4.5 / 5.0

Refinery is a relaxing place with great breakfast food and good coffee. We visited at 10 am on a Saturday, and the place was half full but not noisy. A bit more affordable than Wildflour and less crowded than mainstream coffee shops, Refinery is perfect for leisurely breakfast dates. With an impressive selection of alcohol, Refinery also seems like a nice option for nights out with friends.


Wolf’s Happy Half Birthday Dinner at Kettle Eastwood

When I first decided to blog after giving birth, I didn’t want to write so often about food. However, I now realize that it is inevitable that I will talk about food here, because we LOVE to eat out. As in, not a week goes by that we don’t eat out. It seems a shame if I don’t share our gastronomic adventures!

To celebrate Wolf’s sixth month last June 27, we had dinner at Kettle. Unlike some parents who choose to give their baby’s first solid meal on the exact day that they turn six months, Casey and I have decided to delay solids until Wolf displays all signs of developmental readiness. And so last June 27, he merely watched us feast in his honor. And what a sumptuous feast it was! Kettle is known for serving great comfort food. We ordered the tried and tested bestsellers and were not disappointed. Rich, bold flavors satisfied our palates, and I’m sure Wolf was also delighted with the quality of his evening milk. Haha.

six month baby dinner celebration
Wolf’s Half Birthday OOTD ❤️
six month baby dinner celebrationsix month baby dinner celebration
Here are the dishes we ordered:

six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
Baked Brie, P399

There’s no way I wouldn’t have enjoyed this, as brie is my favorite cheese. Sweet creamy indulgence! The greens on the side complemented the richness of the cheese.



six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
Caesar Salad, P289

A hefty serving good for three hungry diners. The shaved egg added a nice twist to the usual Caesar salad.



six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
U.S. Angus Short Ribs, P539

Tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat, although the serving was measly. They should give more to justify the price.



six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
Buttermilk Fried Chicken, P559

Huge juicy chicken thigh fillets fried to perfection, served with honey and gravy. Up to four people can share this wonderful medley of sweet and salty! The cornbread was unfortunately really dry though, a damper to what would have been a perfect dish!

Lemon Iced Tea Carafe, P179
I didn’t get to take a picture of the carafe, but it was good for three. The iced tea was too sweet and we needed to dilute it with water. Oh well, at least there was more to go around!



six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
Checkered Cake, P229

This was a combination of red velvet and chocolate cake. It was not too sweet, nor too rich. It’s a good cake for those who don’t want a huge sugar rush and are just looking to end the meal on a sweet note. The slice was huge and good for three.



Peso Damage: P700 / head

Value for Peso: 4.5 / 5.0

Although on the pricey side, Kettle offers comfort food that is a notch above the usual overpriced franchised diner (IHOP, I’m looking at you). The dishes are fun, innovative, and memorable. Servings are good for sharing. This is a great place for casual dining with family. We will definitely be back!

six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
For now, Wolf is content with just looking at the food. ☺️
six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
Thank you to his Lola for the yummy half birthday dinner! ❤️
six month baby dinner celebration at kettle eastwood
Happy Half Birthday to our happy baby! 😍