Beating the Heat with a Vornado Air Circulator!

Many people love to be around babies, but if you’re taking care of one night and day, it can get boring, especially in the early months. At first, they really aren’t capable of doing much. Sleep, eat, poo, pee, drool, burp, repeat. But as they get older, they begin to pick up more skills, and observing their development is fascinating.

Since Wolf turned a year old, he has been hitting new and more exciting milestones. One of my favorites is how he has learned to recognize songs by just their tune. Previously, I would always sing “I’m a Little Teapot” and he would do the actions, but one day, as I was merely humming the tune, he recognized it and did the actions. I then tested him by humming other songs, and he recognized them as well, doing the corresponding actions for every song. I found this particularly amazing, because I never actively sought to make him recognize and differentiate tunes. He is absorbing so much more than I realize!

At this stage, Wolf is also beginning to show snippets of his personality. So far, he has been quite a sociable baby, deriving pleasure from entertaining both familiar people and strangers. However, he is particularly averse to boisterous behavior, and has often cried when people near him laugh too loudly. He is always quick to recover from crying, and he is generally very mild-mannered. He loves to explore and test limits by purposefully going where he knows he’s not allowed. That naughty streak is all part and parcel of toddler life, and so I would usually take it in stride. However, recently, he took interest in constantly attempting to stick his fingers in between the grills of our stand fan! We could not be lax about this. We covered the fan with a net, but that was not the end of our fan woes. The other day, he managed to tip the whole fan over, and thank God no one but the fan was harmed! I was just a meter away from him when it happened. I never took my eyes off him, but he did it so fast that I had no time to react. And he was only going to get faster at doing it. So we took the stand fan out and brainstormed possible solutions.

We came up with three options: a bladeless fan, a ceiling/wall fan, or a desk fan. The bladeless fan I decided was too expensive (around P20,000 for the entry level ones at True Value). I didn’t want to get the cheap ones being sold online as they probably are not powerful enough and won’t last long. On the other hand, a fan to be mounted on the wall or ceiling would pose a hazard in case of an earthquake. That left us with the option of getting a desk fan. Casey’s concern with a desk fan was that they are usually not that powerful. Is there such a thing as a desk fan powerful enough to keep my sweaty baby comfortable in this summer heat? Apparently, there is!

We decided to get the Vornado 633 Air Circulator. At around P4,000 for the mid-size model, it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper than a dreaded trip to the emergency room! So what makes the Vornado fans so special? Unlike regular fans with airflow limited to the direction they’re facing, Vornado circulators create powerful and constant airflow in all areas of the room. The Vornado 633 was the ideal fan for us, because:

  1. It could fit on our desk in the corner, away from our curious toddler’s path of destruction.
  2. The grill design is safer than that of regular fans, because there are less areas for little fingers to fall through.
  3. Whole room circulation meant that Wolf could walk around the room as he pleased, and air would still reach him.

Vornado 633 Air Circulator Vornado 633 Air Circulator

I find that our Vornado works best circulating cooled air. I turn on the air conditioner together with the Vornado, and then after half an hour, I switch off the air conditioner, and the Vornado does a good job keeping the room cool for several hours after. As I type this, it’s nearing lunch time. It has been three hours since I switched off the air conditioner. Wolf is on one side while I am on the opposite side of the room, and we are both feeling a constant breeze from the Vornado. It’s May 2, right smack in the middle of summer in this tropical country, we have just a fan on, and yet neither of us are sweating. Now, how cool is that? 😎

Vornado 633 Air Circulator Vornado 633 Air Circulator Vornado 633 Air Circulator Vornado 633 Air Circulator


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