Babywearing is Love!

I would say that one of the baby products I have found most useful thus far is the baby carrier. Especially when Wolf was less than a year old, I brought him around in a carrier more often than in a stroller. Parents love baby carriers because it allows them to carry babies hands-free (aka “wear their babies”) for long periods of time. Babies love baby carriers because it gives them lots of cuddle time with their parents. In fact, Wolf often falls asleep very easily when he’s in a carrier.

We have two baby carriers — the Ergobaby Adapt (Casey’s choice), which we scored at a sale, and the K’tan Breeze (my choice), which was part of our baby registry and was gifted to us by our Ninang Gina. ❤️

Ergobaby Adapt baby carrierBaby K’tan Breeze baby carrier

The K’tan is a wrap-type carrier that is quite simple to use due to its innovative double-loop design. Unlike other wrap carriers that have lots of extra unnecessary cloth trailing about, the K’tan has just the right amount of cloth to fulfill its function. There are two parts — the double-loop sling, which forms the base of the carrier, and the sash, which provides added support and also turns into a convenient pouch so the carrier can be easily stored when not in use. The K’tan Breeze model features mesh cotton for added airflow, which is quite important given our tropical weather.

Baby K’tan Breeze baby carrierBaby K’tan Breeze baby carrier

The K’tan carrier can be worn with babies and toddlers up to 35 lbs, and so you can use the carrier for several years. While the K’tan Breeze is a wrap-type carrier, the Ergobaby Adapt is a more structured carrier. I would say that the main advantage of the Ergobaby over the K-tan is better weight distribution. I find I can go longer carrying Wolf without experiencing strain when I’m using the Ergobaby. That’s why when we visited Japan last October, I used the Ergobaby for exploring the country.

Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier

While the Ergobaby performs better in long excursions, the K’tan is superior when you’re travelling alone with your baby, because 1) The K’tan is easier to wear if you have no one to assist you (the Ergobaby has a buckle at the back that is challenging to fasten on your own), and 2) The K’tan is easier to store when not in use, as it has its own pouch and it can easily fit in your bag unlike the structured carriers. Another advantage of the K’tan carrier is how easy it is to nurse while using the carrier.

Baby K’tan Breeze baby carrier

To sum, here are the pros and cons of my Baby K’tan Breeze carrier (when compared with the Ergobaby Adapt).


  1. The K’tan Breeze is easier to set up if you’re putting it on without any assistance.
  2. The K’tan Breeze is easier to store and bring around when not in use.
  3. The K’tan Breeze allows for better airflow due to its mesh construction.
  4. The K’tan Breeze is easier to adjust for nursing.
  5. The K’tan Breeze is much more affordable than the Ergobaby Adapt (P3,150.00 vs P9,999.75).


  1. After prolonged use, the K’tan Breeze is not as effective as the Ergobaby Adapt in relieving back strain.
  2. The K’tan Breeze takes a few seconds longer to set up than the Ergobaby Adapt.
  3. The K’tan carriers are sized to the adult wearer, and so two differently sized adults may not share one K’tan, whereas the Ergobaby Adapt can be shared regardless of size of the adult.

After listing the pros and cons, if I had to pick just one carrier, I would go with the K’tan. But if your budget permits, I highly recommend that you buy both the K’tan Breeze and the Ergobaby Adapt. If you have two carriers, then you can alternate between wash cycles. The K’tan Breeze and Ergobaby Adapt are both top of the line, and so while you can’t go wrong with either one, you definitely can’t go wrong with both! 😉 Happy Babywearing!

Baby K’tan Breeze baby carrierBaby K’tan Breeze baby carrierBaby K’tan Breeze baby carrierBaby K’tan Breeze baby carrier


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