Why I Love My Li’l Kash Pump Bag

For the tiniest people in the household, babies sure need a truckload of stuff. From layers and layers of clothing, to diapers, to alcohol and wet wipes, leaving the house with a baby is a major operation. One advantage of being a breastfeeding mom is that unlike formula-feeding moms, you don’t need to bring bottles, water, and formula when you go out with your baby. On the flip side though, when a formula-feeding mom goes out without her baby, she doesn’t need anything extra, whereas a breastfeeding mom will need to bring a breast pump, storage bottles, and accessories for expressing milk!

It’s important to invest in a pump bag to protect your breast pump and your milk. You can’t use just any bag. It needs to be insulated and designed to accommodate your pump and pumping accessories. Unfortunately, most pump bags don’t come cheap, costing P2,000 and above. Well, that’s not cheap for me, because as I mentioned before, I’m not into keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and so most of the bags I use are gifts I get for Christmas. Haha. I didn’t want to shell out more than P2,000 for a bag. There had to be a more affordable option!

Luckily, I stumbled upon Li’l Kash, a local brand that sells pump bags for P1,000 (for the mini pump bag) to P1,500 (for the power pump bag). The mini pump bag is designed to house smaller pumps, whereas the power pump bag has more space. Fortunately, my pump is a Spectra 9S portable double electric, and so I required just the mini pump bag. There are many designs available, but each design is produced in small batches, and so the designs get sold out easily. That’s why as soon I spotted a design that I liked, I placed an order. I ordered online through Baby Mama, but you can also order directly from Li’l Kash.

Breastfeeding mom with pump bag
Me with my cute mini pump bag! ☺️

I’m very satisfied with my purchase. The bag was thoughtfully designed, with two compartments to separate your pump from your stored milk. Both compartments are insulated, allowing you the freedom to store your milk in either compartment. The bag is also structured so that the tubing of your pump does not get squished, thus extending the life span of your pump accessories. The structure also allows you to use the bag as a makeshift pumping station for when there is no pumping room available (such as when I pump in the car). I also love how lightweight and compact it is, making it easy to bring around anywhere. It’s so small that it looks like a cute lunchbox! In fact, it can be used as one when you’re no longer breastfeeding. 

Pump bag
The upper compartment where I store the milk bottles
Pump bag
The lower compartment where I store my breast pump

I got the chance to use it in my former office when I needed to report briefly before I made the decision to resign. 

Breastfeeding mom with pump bag
I was allowed to pump in our conference room. 😊
Breastfeeding mom with pump bag
Nowadays, I use it whenever I have string quartet gigs but can’t bring Wolf along because the venue isn’t conducive for babies. Most of the time, I have gigs in places wherein there is no suitable pumping room, and so I pump practically anywhere with the help of my handy dandy pump bag. The bag has definitely made my breastfeeding journey easier! It’s such a good buy, and I highly recommend it to all breastfeeding mommas. Happy pumping!

Breastfeeding mom with pump bag pumping milk
Pumping while waiting for our turn to go onstage
Breastfeeding mom with pump bag
My pumping tools all in one li’l bag! ❤️


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