Wolf’s Adorable Newborn Photos 

Recently, I wrote about our fun maternity shoot experience. We were so happy with the shoot that we decided to book Ida again for Wolf’s newborn shoot. A newborn shoot is a relatively new concept, wherein a baby is photographed very early on in their life. In Wolf’s case, we had his shoot when he was just shy of two weeks old. His fingers were still peeling!

Newborn baby sleeping Newborn baby sleeping poutingNewborn baby sleeping yawningNewborn baby sleeping smiling Newborn baby sleeping in basketNewborn baby in swaddle
Newborn shoots are difficult to execute, because the delicate state of the infant always has to be the highest priority. You can’t force infants not to cry, not to sleep, or not to feed. Also, infants need to feed really frequently, and they also poop really frequently. Haha. Once again though, Ida rose up to the challenge and delivered more than we expected. She and her two assistants were experts at positioning Wolf in his sleep and lulling him back to sleep whenever he would stir fretfully. When it was time for Wolf to nurse, Ida would take photos of me breastfeeding. Everything was done efficiently and with the baby’s comfort in mind.

mom and dad kissing newborn babynewborn baby in swaddle sleeping in mom's chestdad biting feet of newborn baby mom breastfeeding newborn baby

dad with newborn baby's poop on shirt
Wolf marked his territory! 😂
dad with newborn babynewborn baby in basket with parentsnewborn baby sleeping on mom's chestdad kissing newborn babymom kissing newborn baby

The pictures were, once again, just gorgeous. Ida also includes in her packages illustrated photos, a really adorable idea especially for baby shoots.

newborn baby is sorted into slytherin at harry potter shoot
Oh look, he takes after Mom. 😎
newborn baby in basket with wolf illustration newborn baby sleeping with wolf illustrations newborn baby sleeping with wolf illustration
Looking back, I’m so happy we have beautiful pictures of the newborn Wolf, because babies grow and change features so rapidly! They really grow up too fast. I remember how displaced and sad I felt when I realized that I needed to resign from work to care for Wolf, but I know now that I’m really lucky that I get to spend so much time with my baby. It’s so rewarding to cuddle him, play with him, and be the one present as he reaches his milestones. When he was a newborn, all he could do was cry, eat, pee, poo, and sleep. Now he can also babble, shout, drool, roll over, grab things, wriggle-crawl, smile, and laugh! I remember when he discovered each of those new skills. I was the one there to smile and cheer him on. Those moments were priceless, bringing me joy that more than made up for all the times I felt tired and overwhelmed taking care of such a helpless being. Honestly, pictures can only scratch the surface in preserving the wondrous experience of raising a child. I’m just so fortunate that, being with Wolf 99% of the time, my heart is overflowing with memories with my baby boy. He won’t be a baby forever!

newborn baby in swaddle
Wolf at two weeks! 😍
five month old baby in red cardigan
Wolf at five months! ❤️ How time flies!


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